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Flu Season

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

It’s officially flu season. It’s no fun being sick and it can really put a wrench into our plans. You might have to take vacation time (PTO) you don’t have, cancel holiday plans, or stay home with a sick kid that can’t go to school. Whether you want something to help prevent getting sick or want something that will cut your sick time down, Pure Essential Oils has something for you.

Regularly taking your LifeLong Vitality vitamins are the perfect foundation to your health. These supplements are full of essential nutrients, metabolism benefits, and powerful antioxidants designed to help promote energy, health, and lifelong vitality. These have so many benefits to them for just overall health, but are great to keep your immune defenses high against intruders.

The other thing to help prevent sickness is by using On Guard Products. We have many products that are great for cleaning surfaces of germs. Better and safer than what you can find at a typical grocery store. You can also put a couple of drops of the On Guard oil in your water to keep you from getting sick or quickening recovery. You can take On Guard internally through oil, softgel, or chewable. Anytime I know I’m gonna be around a lot of people (concerts, air travel, company parties, family gatherings, etc) I eat a couple chewable and it helps so much!

If you’re already sick, then I suggest putting a couple drops of Lemon and On Guard in your water to start. Remember, it’s important to stay hydrated. If you have a sore throat, you can also put Lavender on your neck topically. The next thing is to make up some of your own capsules with the recipes below. (You can get empty veggie capsules online or even Amazon)

*Take one in the morning and one at night with food. Do this until you feel normal, then add one more dose on top of that to make sure the sickness is really gone

FLOOT Bombs:

Frankincense (4x drops) *2x drops for children

Lemon (4x drops) *2x drops for children

On Guard (4x drops) *2x drops for children

Oregano (4x drops) *2x drops for children

Tea Tree (4x drops) *2x drops for children

*start with just the FLOOT Bombs. If it’s a stubborn Flu or Covid that isn’t going away or lasting longer than it’s supposed to, then take both the FLOOT & Victory bombs together twice a day (one in the morning on at night with food)

Victory Bombs:

Frankincense (2x drops)

Thyme (4x drops)

DDR Prime (4x drops)

Pink Pepper (2x drops)

Arborvitae (4x drops)

Lemon (4x drops)

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