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Sleepless Nights

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Ever have one of those nights where you just can’t fall asleep? Whether it happens on occasion or it’s a battle every night, Pure Essential Oils could be the solution. I especially struggle with sleep when I can’t stop thinking about everything I need to get done! For the nights that the anxiety and stress of tomorrow are too much, I reach for my oils. The many options you can choose from makes getting ready for bed a treat. You can diffuse one or more of these oils next to your bed while you sleep. My personal favorite is to put a couple drops on my chest and neck so I can smell it throughout the night. It really calms me down and get’s me in the right mindset to go to sleep. Putting a drop on the bottom of your feet is another great way to get you sleepy. Since our feet are the biggest pores on our body, our bodies absorb it much faster.


Serenity (oil and/or softgel capsules)

Roman Chamomile




Sleep Wellness Program Kits

Maybe snoring or sleep apnea are a problem. Breath could be the oil you’re missing! Doterra also offers three Sleep Wellness Program Kits. Each one is packed full of goodies and products that focus on an individual's sleep health.

Have little ones that keep you up because they’re up? They might need some help falling asleep too! From newborns to toddlers, they have the amazing ability to be up every two hours whether you want them to be or not. Doterra has a kid’s line that is already deluded, especially for them!Their one for sleep is called Calmer. Children can still use the oils mentioned above, just make sure to use a smaller amount and/or dilute with lotion if applied topically.

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