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Upset Stomach & Digestion Issues

Everyone deals with an upset stomach some time in their life and with Thanksgiving just around the corner, we’re all gonna hear a lot more groans of stomach pain. Pure Essential Oils can help alleviate some of the pain associated with: overeating, food allergies, constipation, acid reflect, heartburn, diarrhea, etc. We even have three different Digestion Wellness Program kits for people that struggle with digestion issues regularly.

There are so many ways to add the following products to your daily routine to better help with your everyday digestion or help on the days it gets really bad. My personal favorite is topically right on the trouble area. For more stubborn ongoing pain, I reach for my softgels.

Top 12 Oils/Products that Promote Healthy Digestion:

  1. Digestzen (softgels, oil, roll-on) - upset stomach, don’t know why your stomach is hurting you

  2. Peppermint (softgels, oils, beadlets, roll-on) -- upset stomach

  3. Terrazyme softgels- help against gastrointestinal discomfort and helps with food tolerance

  4. PB Assist (softgels) & PB Assist JR (powder for children) - promotes beneficial bacteria, healthy GI tract, absorption of food etc.

  5. Ginger (drops and oil) - eases indigestion and nausea

  6. Tamer - can help with motion sickness and/or stomach issues for younger children

  7. Fiber Powder - healthy digestive function, supports metabolic processes, etc.

  8. Fennel

  9. Clove

  10. Cassia

  11. Lemon - helps clean out the toxins from your stomach

  12. Spearmint

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