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Painful Situation

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

We all feel pain, each one of us for different reasons. Sore the next day after an intense

work-out? Chronic Pain from medical conditions like MS (Multiple Sclerosis)? Bad posture? Old age? Or even recovering from an injury/surgery? The majority of people reach for their bottle of over-the-counter pain killer even though it often doesn’t help that much. The Pure Essential Oil Deep Blue is amazing for anytype of physical pain you might experience. Deep Blue comes in an oil, lotion rub, application stick, and capsules.

Deep Blue (oil, lotion, stick, capsules)

Copaiba (oil, capsules)


Past Tense

Turmeric Capsules

Wellness Program Relief Kits

I love the lotion rub! The lotion is also made with Wintergreen giving your muscles a refreshed feeling. Even with an office job, I reach for these when I get an ache in my neck or wrists from being at a computer all day. The lotion and oil itself are great for massages too. One of the best massages I ever received was a hot rock massage done with Deep Blue!

Next, the application stick is so convenient because of how portable and no mess it is! The stick is also made with Copaiba which makes the effect of the Deep Blue more powerful and effective. The stick is great for people with occupations that always keep them on the move like construction workers, dance/sports instructors, movers, carpenters, etc. The application stick is especially popular with guys. Fits anywhere and doesn’t have a chemically smell like most topical pain options currently out there.

The Deep Blue polyphenol capsules are great for people suffering with Arthritis. Doterra also has Turmeric Capsules that help with inflammation. I’ve had people in my life tell me how they weren’t able to do certain hobbies anymore because it required fine motor skills and the Arthritis in their hands got in the way. But after taking one or both of these, they were able to enjoy their lost hobbies!

Do you have pets that are in pain? You can help your furry little friends to feel better too! We don’t suggest you give them Deep Blue because of the Wintergreen in it. It can be too strong for them. Instead you can just use Copaiba. You can roll it in on their joints and put a couple drops in their water bowl. Just make sure their water bowl is stainless steel or glass. From dogs to horses, they’ll feel better and thank you for it.

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