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Summer Body Ready

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Summer Body Ready

Losing Weight

You know what they say, “suns out guns out,” but for some of us it’s guts out. Whether it’s getting in shape or staying in shape, we could all use some extra help. The hardest part for a lot of us is controlling what we eat, how much, and how often we eat. Adding Slim & Sassy to your water or taking the softgels before meals has been sooo helpful for me. It keeps me from snacking throughout the day by keeping me full. It even comes in gum form too, great for on the go!


For those who are a step ahead of me and are already working out, Doterra also has Protein powder! They come in yummy flavors: vanilla and chocolate. The other ones they have are Greens and Fiber. If you’re like me, it seems close to impossible to get a full serving of fruits and vegetables or the recommended amount of fiber. But with these it makes it so easy!

Well-balanced amino acids are necessary to enhance energy and increase stamina. They’re free from GMO, gluten, soy, and RBST hormones (they even have a vegan option)! Reducing sugar consumption is key to improving your diet and overall health. Doterra’s powders are sugar free and a great tool to use in Keto or other high protein/low carb diets.

These are great for muscle gain or starting the day off right. And with over 20 servings in each one, it’ll last!

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