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Lack of Energy

With most of us changing our clocks for daylight savings, we start to feel more and more tired. This could be just a simple case of running out of energy or seasonal depression. No matter the reason, we could all use more energy without having to rely on caffeine.

Your body is a vehicle, so the first step is to fuel your body with the nutrients it needs. Eat a balanced diet and take LifeLong Vitality vitamins daily. This will keep your body running well. An additional supplement you can take to give you an extra kick of energy is Mito2Max.

10 Top Oils for Energy:










Cinnamon Bark*

You can use all of the above oils aromatically to give you energy. Putting these in a diffuser in the area you normally get ready in can really help you wake up and stay awake during the day. Something fun you could do is put your diffuser on a timer to have it turn on when you wake you up in the morning.

You can also put them on topically. Best places would be on your pulse points like your wrist and neck. The bottoms of your feet are also a great place since those are the largest pores of our body, meaning we will absorb it much faster compared to the rest of our body.

*ones with asterisks are hot oils. You will need to dilute them first. With water and food if taken internally. And with a carrier oil/lotion if using topically.

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