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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

One of the best ways to use Pure Essential Oils is to clean with, and now that the kidos are home for the summer. It's the perfect time to swap out your old chemical filled cleaning products to all natural ones. The majority of cleaning products you buy at the store are filled with harsh chemicals that are terrible for us to use, breathe in, or touch. While everyone knows that one wrong move could have you calling poison control, not everyone knows the long term effects of using these products (they’re deadly for a reason). Chemicals released when using normal cleaning supplies contribute to chronic respiratory problems, allergic reactions, headaches, cancer, issues in pregnant women/fertility, etc. So instead, reach for some better substitutions below:

Lemon-disinfect the air, get adhesive off surfaces, furnish polish, stains, helps w/ sticky messes

Lime-helps w/ sticky messes

On Guard- sanitize the air and surfaces

Grapefruit- all purpose spray

Wild Orange-wood polish, mopping

Lavender-air freshener

Tangerine-toilet spray

Purity-paint remover

Eucalyptus- mopping

Abode Cleaning line & On Guard Cleaning line

(Dishwasher pods, Laundry pods, Laundry detergent, foaming hand wash, surface cleaner concentrate, dish soap, hand wipes)

I used to constantly suffer from itchy skin thanks to harsh unnatural chemicals I used around me. I don’t think we realize how often our skin comes in contact with other surfaces. The biggest switch that really helped me was getting rid of store bought detergent and dryer sheets. I now use Doterra’s detergent and dryer balls. It’s so nice being able to switch up the smell of each load of laundry by just sprinkling a couple drops on each dryer ball, whether I feel like lavender, lemon, orange, or a seasonal blend! And best part, no more itching! This also goes for the rest of my house. Everything my skin comes in contact with should be treated with pure products.

So before you clean up for that grad party, in-law visit, house warmer, date night, or next friend-get-together, clean up the right way with Pure Essential Oils.

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