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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

It’s finally summer again! The sun is out, but you know what that means… so are the bugs. The timeless love/hate relationship we all have with nature. Wanting to go out for some fresh air and sunshine, but the pests that come with it makes us want to stay inside instead. The worst part of summer is constantly having to swat away bugs or the itchy and ugly bites they leave behind. Sure you can grab your favorite bug spray, but most bug sprays have ingredients like Permethrin and DEET. These ingredients are harmful to us as well as the environment.

These neurotoxins can kill our brain cells, cause lung tumors, liver tumors, immune system problems and are extremely toxic to bees, pets, and aquatic life. For my unwanted bug problems, I turn to Pure Essential Oils. Not only does Doterra have an oil for mosquitoes, they have oils for about every bug I can think of. So whether you love the outdoors or you’re a homebody that hates bugs invading your home, these are some great preventatives:

Terrashield- Mosquitos, ants, beetles, chiggers, fleas, gnats, moths, spiders

Peppermint-Ants, aphids,moths, plant lice, spiders,

Lemongrass-ants, chiggers, ticks


Lavender-chiggers, moths, ticks

Thyme-chiggers, beetles, cutworm, ticks


Clove-gnats, moths,

Eucalyptus-gnats, dust mites

Oregano-black widow



Insect Bites

The bites are almost as bad as the pest. They itch and take forever to go away. These oils are great for relief with the following insects:

Terrashield-bed bugs, fleas, Mosquitos

Lavender-bed bugs, chiggers, fleas, lice. Mosquitos

Purify-bed bugs, fleas, spiders

Basil-Bee stings, spiders, ticks

Tea Tree-Chiggers, lice, ticks

DDR Prime-Chiggers




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